Contemporary Artist


Self-taught painter, RoBiCo was born in Caltagirone the 10th of June 1986 and lives in Gela,in the province of Caltanissetta.
Since he was 5, watching his father draw with ink on paper and sparked by strong curiosity, starts to follow him step by step in everything he creates.
He spends the first few years of his life in Verghera,in the province of Varese, only to move definitely along with his mother Sarita and his brother Francesco in Sicily,in the city of Eschilus,Gela a land blessed by Greek culture.
And in this land,about 3 years ago, he meets his fiancée,the journalists Daniela Pellegrino,with whom he planes to spend his life.
After finishing school, RoBiCo continues his studies in “Liceo scientifico Elio Vittorini” and afterwords in the faculty of foreign languages in Catania,where he is currently graduating. As years pass,his passion for painting increases and RoBiCo moves on the charm of the pencil to that of the brush and from the simplicity of paper to the elegance of the canvas.
A journey in the world of art accompany by the along and deep introspection,a study that ranges from real to surreal,from satyr to magic that allows to give shape and color to all of the beauty and deepness flowing within him: a simple soul but extravagant nonetheless that loves to express himself and communicate through his works capable by themselves of telling more than words can tell.

The white canvases in his painting know no empty spaces,as his days that go by tirelessly: RoBiCo dedicates himself to art,but to entertaining children as well,taking care of cultural workshops for boys and girls of every age. Gela is a tough contest,a city that often presents itself as a stage for crime news;however RoBiCo offers a view of an another face, the good and hardworking one in which Comoros and shapes speak of liberty,joy and redemption. His great masks are often a throwback to Greek culture,paintings that have a strong impact and energy,with the typical colors of a land that smells of sea,sky and fire.
Towards the end of 2014,driven by the will to prove himself,he starts his great adventure and comes out,making himself and his works known. A short but intense time for him,reach in important events that lead him to exhibit his works in Sicily and over the straight as well. That of RoBiCo is a vivid portrait,author and protagonist of the story of the book of his artistic life which has just begun: the story of a young self taught painter that will never stop being amaze and astounded.

Contemporary Artist



Sperone Art – Gela CL, 2015

Ursino Buskers – Catania, 2015

Piazza Colori – Caltanissetta, 2015

Artist for Coca Cola/Carpisa – Palermo/Catania, 2015

Pop Up Market – Catania, 2016

Intrecci di Cultura – Aosta, 2016

Street Dreams Festival – Caltagirone CT, 2016

PanchinArt II Ed. – Maiori SA, 2016

Trasformazioni – Cammarata / S. Giovanni Gemini AG, 2016

Galleria Artipìgliati – S. Giovanni Gemini AG, 2016

“Ugly Faces of Sicily” – Solo Exibit – Cefalù PA, 2016

Artisti a Palazzo – Collettiva – Palazzo de Gregorio, Palermo, 2016

Research – Collettiva – Palazzo Ducale, Gela CL, 2016

Research 2 – Collettiva – Palazzo Ceramico, Caltagirone CT, 2017

Research 3 – Collettiva – Palazzo Modica, Scordia CT, 2017

“Ugly Faces of Sicily” – Solo Exibit – MA Catania, 2017

Amen: Religione e religiosità nell’arte contemporanea – S.Giovanni Battista, Gela, 2017

Amen: Religione e religiosità nell’arte contemporanea – Palazzo Zacco, Ragusa, 2017

“Schifiu, storie di pregiudizio” – Porco Rosso, Palermo, Maggio 2017

“L’artista difronte al creato” : tri-personale di Pittura – Chiesa S.Marco, Enna, Giugno 2017





First Prize with distinction – 2015


Second Prize – 2015 – 2016


finalist – 2015

PANCHINART II ED. – Maiori (SA) – 2016

Best Selection


First Selection (70 of 3800)



First Prize